Ant Control Brighton

Reliable And Efficient Ant Control Service In Brighton 

Ant Control Brighton

Are you tired of ants crawling in your pantry, floor or on the wall? Want to eliminate ants as soon as possible? Worry less! Just contact our Ant Control Brighton team right away, for reliable service. Ant infestation at your property can be annoying, and even dangerous at the same time. Nevertheless, these tiny ants don’t create any harm to you. Thus for the betterment of your property controlling ants is necessary. We are famous for providing efficient control service to you. 

We have experienced staff for ant control service at Brighton. If you are wondering about the best ant control service, connect with us. There are many sources of ants infestation like food, sweets and unhygienic surroundings.  Our proficient experts have all knowledge in dealing with stubborn ants. For controlling ants we use pesticide spraying and baiting methods. You can call us at 0340507532 for ant control service. We promise to provide you with a long-lasting result. 

We Offer Reasonable Services And Can Remove All kinds Of Ant Species in Brighton 

Our ant pest control Brighton team is renowned for the best service. Moreover, we are easily reachable for the ant control service 24 by 7. In addition, provide affordable ant removal service at Brighton. Also, you can hire us for controlling different ant species. Here is the list of some different ants species we control:

  • Odorous House Ants Removal service: Odorous Ants are small in size, measuring 2.4-3.3 in length. Moreover, odorous ants are dark brown with petioles on their body. In addition, odours are unevenly shaped. However, our Brighton ant control service is best at controlling these ants. We mostly use the baiting method for eliminating odorous ants. 
  • Pharaoh Ants Removal service: Pharaoh ants are almost transparent or light brown. Moreover, Pharaoh Ants are famous for creating nuisance indoors. Even the Pharaoh Ants are most common in hospital areas. However, our ant control Brighton team uses a sugar-based baiting process for them. Thereby eliminating pharaoh ants from your place. 
  • Carpenter Ant Removal service: Carpenter ants are considered to be the large ones. Moreover, they are famous for building insects inside wood material. However, carpenter ants don’t consume wood like termites. Regardless of controlling carpenter ants, we spray boric acid on wood. Thereby, controlling annoying Carpenter ants from your space. 
  • Pavement Ant Removal service: Pavement ants are also named Immigrants and Sugar pests. Furthermore, Pavement ants made their nest outside under the stones. However, we use a liquid baiting station for eliminating pavement ants. Therefore contact us for the best Brighton ant control service. 

We Follow a Permanent And Quality Ant Control Process in Brighton

Having the best Ant control Brighton team, we offer effective service. Moreover, for eliminating ants we do a detailed analysis. Thus we follow some standard and permanent steps for controlling ants from your house effectively. Check the ant’s control process below: 

  • Inspection: our Ant pest control Brighton team examines your place. In simple words, we inspect your property, for eliminating ants. During ant inspection, we identify their species. Moreover, we also find ants’ entry and exit points at your place. Also, our ant inspection cost is very much affordable. 
  • Treatment: We provide a customised ant treatment based on inspection. Thus our treatment consists of ways of controlling ants. Furthermore, for controlling the annoying ants, we provide baiting treatment.
  • Prevention: Our Ant pest control Brighton team also provides prevention tips. Thus some prevention tips we include are: 
  • Sealing off all the cracks on the wall and floor. 
  • Storing food in air-tight boxes
  • Wash the kitchen appliances regularly. 
  • Clean your house regularly 
  • Documentation and Checkups: For the ant’s control service at Brighton, we provide documentation certificates. Moreover, also provide check-up ants services at your place. Thus during follow-ups, we check our service results. Therefore the effective service calls our professionals. 

Why Call Our Ant Control Brighton Service? 

With years of experience, we provide efficient ant removal service in Brighton. Moreover, we are available at both commercial and residential properties. Even our professionals understand our customer expectations and provide the finest ants control service in Brighton. Some reliable reasons for choosing our ant control service are:

  • Certified and insured experts 
  • Same-day and emergency ant control service 
  • Pet and child-friendly service 
  • Hassle-free ant removal service in Brighton 
  • Customer-friendly service 
  • Available on weekends and public holidays 
  • Cost-effective service 

Thus hire our professional for ant treatment needs in Brighton. We believe in making long-term relationships with clients by offering quality treatments. 

We Are Available For Every Pest And Ant Control Service In Brighton 

Our experts are skilled and highly trained in providing ant control services. Furthermore, we provide ant removal service in the entire Brighton area. Moreover, we are famous for offering a variety of pest control services in Brighton. So, if you are looking for a professional pest control service in Brighton, call us. 



Q.1 Why do ants come to my house?

Black or carpenter ants can come to your house anytime. There are many reasons for ants infestation at your house. Thus some common reasons for ants’ colonies are sweets and food. However, don’t worry just contact our experts for controlling ants.

Q.2 At which time of year ants are most active?

Ants are mostly active during the spring/summer season. As ants love to live in warm areas. Therefore in the winter season ants find warm areas to live for example- under the rocks. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for an ant exterminator, remember us.

Q.3 What are the symptoms of ant infestation at your home?

It is quite difficult to find an ant infestation at your place. However, some common symptoms of ants infestation at your place are: 

⚫ Your food item is commonly overrun  
⚫ Noticing a large number of ants colonies 
⚫ Hollow sounds from the wooden walls, especially carpenter ants make sound 
⚫ Seeing shaving of walls while sweeping the house floor 
⚫ Catching ants mounds at your property