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Moth Control Brighton

Moths are known to cause small holes in carpets, rugs and clothes. Besides, the pantry moth does damage to food present in your kitchen cabinets and cupboards. So if you are noticing a moth infestation in your home, then reach out to our expert team. We offer highly effective moth inspection as well as moth control services. We use proven techniques to remove moths. Besides, our moth control Brighton team uses eco-friendly solutions to eliminate the moths. We are especially known for pantry Moth extermination. Our team of experts are also well-experienced to do the carpet moth extermination. Moreover, our Pest Control Carpet Moths service is also safe. We have served numerous clients in Brighton and have always delivered excellent results. 

We are available to control all kinds of moth species. Also, we are available to offer same day moth control service in Brighton. Our moth pest control cost is also very nominal. We believe in giving cost-effective, quick and professional moth control service. So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of those irritating moths today by reaching out to us on 0340507532. 

Signs That Indicates That Your Place Has Pantry Moth Or Clothes Moths Infestation

The meal moths or pantry moths lay eggs inside the food products. They are well known for contaminating ingredients like flour, pasta, and grains. Whereas clothes moths are present in dark, humid places and especially in your dirty clothes. Our expert team is available for pantry moth control, cabbage moth control and cloth moth control. Below given are the signs of Pantry moths and clothes moths. 

Signs Of Pantry Moths

  • You will find silk webs that are created by pantry moth larvae inside and outside of the cupboards.
  • If you smell an unpleasant odour from your pantry food then it can also be a sign of moth infestation.
  • Another sign of pantry moths is the small holes that you will notice in the packing of your food items. 

Signs Of Cloth Moths

  • You will notice tunnels and trenches on wool fabrics and clothing.
  • If the furs of clothes are shedding badly, then there is cloth moth infestation around.
  • There are small holes present on carpets, clothes and rugs. 

So, if you notice the above signs, then get in touch with our expert team of Moth Control Brighton. We will do a thorough moth control treatment and will make your place free of moth pests. 

Are Moths Dangerous?

Moths do not cause any harm to humans but they are known for damaging the clothes, carpets, pantry foods and other belongings. Moths are a type of insect that comes in the same order as butterflies. The lifecycle of the moth begins with larvae also known as caterpillars. We are also specialists in removing larvae or moth caterpillar control. When they become adults these pests get scaly wings. Besides, many adult moths do not have mouths so they cannot bite humans. 

Moths eat the fabric and does small holes in clothes. Besides, many of them cause skin irritations. Few moths do sting but do not bite. However, their sting will cause worse skin irritation in humans. It is essential to go for cloth or carpet moth extermination in such cases. So, do not let these moths disturb your peace of mind and get in touch with us today. We have a specialist team of Moth Control Brighton who has proper knowledge about different kinds of moth and their activities. We will ensure to give you the perfect moth control solution. 

Our Exceptional Moth Control Process

We follow a 3 step procedure to get rid of moth infestation at your place. Moreover, we use safe techniques and solutions when we do the moth control in house. We have well trained our team to give you the best results when they arrive at your place for pest control carpet moth or pantry moth control. The 3 best steps we follow to control moth are:

  • Moth Inspection: In the first step, our team of moth control Brighton will do an in-depth inspection. This will help in identifying the size of the moth infestation in your home. We will also let you know about the damages done by these creepy creatures.
  • The Treatment: We will later use the best and most suitable moth control treatment to remove them. Our process might involve chemical or non-chemical treatment. Spraying of insecticides or any other treatment will be done according to the type of moth infestation present in your home.
  • Ongoing Moth Prevention: Before leaving your home, our team of experts will give you some best advice and tips for ongoing moth prevention. We make sure you do not face the moth pest problem again in the future. 

Why Consider Us For Your Moth Pest Control?

We been serving the Brighton for past 2 decades. We have rich experience and have well maintained our reputation by serving the best to our clients. Besides, we have lakhs of clients who choose us for winter moth control. There are various other reasons to choose us such as: 

  • Best Team: We have a highly qualified and experienced team to do the moth control.
  • Follow up Treatment: We are also available for follow up treatments. At the request of our clients, we will come up for follow up as well.
  • Save Up To $40: You can now save up to $40 when you choose our service. Besides, our moth extermination cost is very affordable.
  • Local Team: With our local team of experts, we can reach out to your place within a few hours in Brighton.
  • Emergency Service: We are also available to provide our service on short notice. 


How can I book your service?

Booking our service is very simple. You can call us on 0340507532 and make an appointment according to your availability.

Do you provide end of lease moth control service in Brighton?

Yes, we do offer our exceptional moth control service at the end of the lease. Our team has rich experience to work in rented places.

Should I discard the food contaminated by pantry moth?

Yes, if the pantry moth has contaminated your food then it is suggested to get rid of the food immediately.