Understanding Bed Bugs: Biology, Behaviour, and Control

Bedbugs are annoying pests that can be found in many Australian homes and businesses. It is very important to get them out of the premises as soon as possible. In this article, we are going to elaborate more on their behaviour, their feeding habits, the identification of bedbugs and their control. So keep reading.

The Behaviour of Bedbugs

Bedbugs dislike light thus they will refrain from entering any lit place. Instead, they are nocturnal, which means they prefer to hide during the day and come out when the sun goes down and the lights are turned off in your home.
These pests hide in dark, warm places such as your mattress, behind curtains, upholstered furniture, pillow, behind electrical outlets in your walls, and in the crevices of headboards. They do not lay eggs like many other unpleasant insects. In fact, they will hide in groups and wait for the right food source. After feeding, bed bugs usually crawl back into their safe house until they feed again, which is usually five to seven days later, though not all bed bugs implement the same eating pattern.

Feeding habits of bed bugs

Bed bugs, as nocturnal insects tend to feed at night when you are asleep. They start seeking out exposed skin and begin feeding where your skin meets the sheets, occasionally in a three-bite pattern. They begin feeding in one location before moving on to their second and third bite locations, forming a distinct bite line.
However, this pattern is not usually observed and researchers have no proper explanation for this behaviour. Most people believe that bed bugs start feeding and when interrupted by the host before they are done, they move to a nearby site. They do not typically feed in three bites. They will continue to feed until they are fully satisfied.
Bed bugs in no time can infest other rooms in any kind of premises by crawling short distances. Bed bugs can move vertically and horizontally from one building to the next buildings. When infested objects such as bedding, packing material or furniture are taken to new locations, long-distance infestations occur. Travellers can also transport bed bugs in their luggage, clothing and laptop.

Identification and Surveillance

As identifications made by the common man are frequently undependable, correct identification is essential prior to actually beginning any bed bug care. Bed bugs are frequently confused with cockroaches, fleas, ticks, or any other household insects. Moreover, one should never diagnose only with reference to bites because a variety of household pests are identified to bite humans, and their reactions vary between individuals. Bed bug monitoring is essential for estimating the infestation level prior to treatment.

Unmistakable Evidence of Bed Bugs

Bed bug bites are the most obvious sign of bed bug infestation on your premises, but they aren’t the only thing to look for. Remember their bites can be mistaken for some other insect bites. Thus, look for the below signs:
• Skin shed.
• Spots of rust on the bedding as well as on the mattress
• Spots of blood on your sheets and pyjamas
• Your room has a sweet-smelling odour.
If you witness the above signs of bedbug infestation, you must call in a professional at the earliest.

How to Remove Bedbugs at Home

First and foremost, it is important to understand that these pests can be gotten rid of without the use of chemicals. High heat at 115°F (46.11°C) or intense cold at 32°F (0°C) will easily get bedbugs killed.
Here are a few methods that you can use to treat bedbugs:
• For 30 minutes, wash clothes and bedding in hot water. Later, put them in the dryer on the highest heat setting for about 30 minutes.
• Steam couches, mattresses and other areas where bedbugs hide.
• Items that have been infested by bugs should be placed in black bags and left outside on a hot day that reaches 95°F (35°C) or in a closed car. It takes a lot more time to get sealed-up bugs killed in cooler temperatures.
• After you’ve cleaned up any visible bedbugs, make the area unsuitable for the remaining ones. Do ensure that you get your mattresses and box springs covered with bedbug-proof covers. Zipping the covers all the way up will make them trapped inside and hence will die soon, and newer bugs won’t find any way to enter
• If these methods fail to exterminate the bugs, you may have to resort to using insecticides.

Chemical Management

Chemical control is a popularly used method for dealing with such kinds of infestation. However, depending solely on insecticides may necessitate huge quantities of the product, potentially leading to insecticide resistance. Furthermore, because people may come into direct contact with the chemical, labels prohibit using them in particular areas, such as couches and mattresses. In addition, insecticides cannot be used on fabrics such as pillows, blankets, sheets and clothing.

We hope you must be now aware of all the important information related to bedbugs. Thus, if you suspect a bedbug infestation at your premises, feel free to get in touch with us. We will call you right back and help with the necessary solutions at affordable rates.

A Buzz That Ends In Nothing: Five Common Pest Control Myths

Pest control is an essential drill you must go through from time to time to ensure a better environment on your premises and better health perspectives. Getting a renowned pest control company for the pest control is the best thing you can do for your premises. Pests can severely damage your property and can cause severe infections and ailments.
With time, extended stays of pests around your premises can cause more damage than you can bear. So getting immediate professional assistance is a must-do thing for you to have a clean and healthy environment on your property.
While getting pest control or doing it yourself, many age-old myths might have been hovering over your mind and deter you from getting the right help.
Here we have some myths solved to get away with any false information to hamper your pest control regime. Let us discuss and debunk some of the popular myths associated with pest control.

What Are The Most Common Pest Control Myths?

It is very evident that you get some advice or tip for everything, especially when you decide to go for the pest control service. Many already existing notions and myths communicated to you by the people around you may have stopped you from getting what your premises deserve- a well-executed pest control service.
Some popular myths are listed here, and the top five are debunked with reasonable explanations.
Please go through them and make a better decision.

● Regular Cleaning Of The Property Permanently Deter Pests Infestation
Though regular cleaning is always a better practice, you should clean your premises and clear off all the waste, dust, dirt, allergens, and pests. But only cleaning the premises would not help keep the premises pest-free. Cleaning is recommended after a pest control service to maintain the results and make them last longer. But to get the premises pest-free, get professional pest control services and deter pests from infesting the same area again.
● DIY Techniques Are Worthy And Can Work Better Than Professional Treatments
This myth is entirely false. No DIY technique can be better than professional pest control services. Pest control services start with an inspection and end with a final review. It is foolproof as professionals are experts in getting all the pest control treatment for you that lasts long. The technicians are experienced and well equipped with the tools to help you with pest control and deliver effective results. On the other hand, DIY techniques may only work on some pests. They are never long-lasting and can help you for some time if they are effective.
● Over The Counter Repellants Work Fine
Buying cheap products and over-the-counter shop-bought solvents is ineffective as you need more knowledge and the procedure to get them to work. Also, you may need to be aware of these products’ potency and chemical nature, which can cause more harm than good. So the myth that all the shop-bought and over-the-counter products can work on the pests and their source to make them go away is entirely false. You may save money by not calling a professional, but you may have more significant problems. So be cautious while you try to buy anything from the shop. They might not work on the pests that may have been bothering you.
● Only Edible Food Trash Causes Pests Like Rodents, Ants
Pests may be around for many reasons. Those who say only leftover food crumbs and edible items attract pests are wrong. Pests can be due to many other conditions like humidity, lack of protective barriers, non-restricted entry, unhygienic conditions, poor property maintenance, and many more. Food and edible items attract pests, but pests come to your property for shelter too. Any lapse in restricting their entry may invite them to stay over for a long time.
● Professional Pest Controller Use Harsh Chemicals For Pest Control
Professionals use non-eco-friendly chemicals, and toxic solvents are ultimately a myth. A professional and effective pest control company never uses non-eco products. They go for only ecologically viable products to get rid of pests. The experts choose organic over a chemical that does not harm residents and pests. Also, biodegradable solutions are available these days to help you with no residual wastes to get rid of after an effective pest control service.
Professionals are an ideal choice for pest control of residential and commercial properties. It is a myth that they use harsh chemicals and are not worthy of pest control services.
Get professional services whenever you are infected with severe pest infestations on your premises.

How Does Professional Pest Control Ensure Better Pest Control Services?

Pest control requires experience and knowledge to be fruitful. This knowledge and expertise are only with professional services. They have experience dealing with the same issue for years, so their methods are foolproof and long-lasting.
The professional ensures you get satisfied with their services by:
● Getting into action immediately after you call for their services. They are available at your doorsteps the same day and even in emergencies with their 24X7 services.
● Using eco-friendly solutions that are non-harmful for the residents and the pets. The pest control treatment solvents only kill pests that you are supposed to get rid of. All the others stay safe.
● Answering and providing solutions to all queries and brief their process with details of the procedure, treatment and other required information
● Providing expertise that is foolproof and well-informed. Professionals know the procedure as they are experienced and well-trained. They also have the tools that are required to eliminate pests.
● Working on the source of pest infestation and getting deeper solutions to ensure a long-lasting treatment that deters pests from coming back to the same site again


So there may be a lot of myths surrounding pest control processes and services, but you should always rely on expert solutions to avoid any false information.
Experts are equipped and licensed to provide you with only the best that lasts long.
So hire a professional pest controller whenever you have pest-related issues on your property.

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Professional Pest Control & DIY

Is it Better to Hire Pest Control Services or Do it Yourself?

What if you were going to be the victim of a house invasion and had no way of stopping it? No, we’re not discussing armed invaders. Instead, we’re discussing the different pests that are just waiting to infiltrate and contaminate your house. You have two alternatives for stopping them: hire an expert or perform your own pest extermination. But which is the best option for you? Continue reading to find out the solution! Since the beginning of time, we have been taught to keep our homes clean and sanitary. Is it, however, enough to keep a pest problem at bay in your houses? We use do-it-yourself pest control solutions to get rid of the minor infestation in a rather expensive manner. 

It is best to engage a professional pest control agency or an expert if you have a large problem. But which is the smarter choice? Consider the following comparison: Pest Control: professional pest Control & DIY. When reviewing professional pest Control & DIY, it is common for DIY methods or solutions to fail to eliminate a bed bug or ant colony. They reappear over time, gradually increasing the cost of DIY. DIY appears to be the simplest and quickest option, but in reality, it adds additional difficulty, is useless, and is a waste of energy.


Before choosing whether to call a professional pest control specialist or apply DIY solutions, there are a few things to consider. Below is a comparison between professional pest control & DIY pest control.

  • Identification of pests

DIY: You can see an ant moving over your living room furniture, which could be a termite. As a result, homeowners have a tough time identifying pests. Misidentification results in the wrong use of DIY pest management sprays and other items.

Professional: Pest professionals have an up-to-date understanding of various pests and pest-removal procedures. They will immediately develop a plan to eliminate the source of the pest problem.

  • Health Problems

DIY: The marketplace is flooded with low-cost Do-It-Yourself items and toxins. However, inappropriate chemical usage can result in burns, rashes, vomiting, difficulty breathing, and other side effects. If you have children, it is crucial to use the right quantity of chemicals or environmentally friendly pesticides.

Professional: Professionals are educated and qualified to apply the appropriate quantity of spray or chemicals to reduce pest problems. They are familiar with the pest and apply safe treatments or sprays to remove the infestation. Their top goal is your safety and security.

  • Effectiveness

DIY: Do-it-yourself is very often successful on a tiny infestation or in getting rid of an insect. Pests are versatile creatures that develop resistance to certain poisons over time. This invites those nasty critters back into your house.

Professional: Pest control professionals take the required procedures to treat pest infestations and prevent them from returning. Professional pest control technicians will save you the trouble of making many journeys to the shop, as well as money and time. Rather than attempting to solve pest infestation on your own, it is best to use a professional pest control company.

  • Expense

DIY: Do-it-yourself treatments are inexpensive and within your budget, but they do not eliminate the problem. For house owners, the details on the product label might be unclear, resulting in inappropriate use and costly trouble. 

Professional: Recruiting a professional could be costly, but it is a long-term strategy for eliminating pests from your house. They will maintain your house pest-free in a healthy way by using environmentally friendly goods or treatments. It is a one-time purchase that will prevent unwelcome pests from entering your house. 

  • Warranties.

DIY: Products purchased over the shelf in a store may not be covered by a guarantee or warranty. This will only waste your money and will not prevent pests from invading your house. Your house is your fortress; maintain it in good hands to keep it free of pests. 

Professional: Before selecting a professional pest control firm, examine their contracts completely for guarantees. This is an additional benefit of hiring a professional Pest control Company. This gives homeowners peace of mind concerning the cleanliness quality of their houses.


Use a wiser method to get rid of insect infestations while maintaining your loved one’s health. If you see bed bug marks in the sides of your bedding or roaches in your kitchen, call Pest Control Brighton now at 0340507532 for skilled pest management help and to book a full inspection! Pest Control Brighton’s specialists will undoubtedly assist you in getting rid of these hazardous and terrible bugs in the proper manner and with the appropriate extermination treatments! Basically, professional pest control & DIY methods both work but there are more cons than pros when it comes to DIY methods. Therefore, it is best to hire professionals in matters like these. Reach out to us now for affordable yet reliable help.